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101 Movement is a Sāmoan cultural identity programme, specifically designed for Sāmoans born/raised outside of Sāmoa.

Course Duration

30 Initial e-Learning Modules

Flexible Subscription

$19.95 per month or
$199 per annum

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Programme Overview

Formal Aganu'u Fa'asamoa topics:

This is a great opportunity to learn the 15 topics taught in our 101 programme that have empowered over 4000 students in 10 different countries.

Samoa. Our place in this world

Greetings & Salutations

Gagana Fa’aaloalo – Respectful Terminology

Samoa’s Social Structure

Lauga Fa’afeiloa’iiga – Formal Welcome Speech

Valaau ile laulau – Call to the table

Folafola Taumafa – Announcement of Food

Folafola Sua – Announcement of Gifts

The Lord’s Prayer

Paia o Samoa – Honorifics of Samoa

E lele le Toloa Proverb

E le tu Fa’amauga Proverb

E Fofo e le Alamea Proverb

E Poto le Tautai Proverb

E le sili le ta’i Proverb

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    Tanoa'i Reupena Michael Tanoai

    Programme Founder

Tanoa’I has now taught over 4000 students the past 6 years both face to face and online. He is passionate about connecting people with beauty and richness of the Samoan culture.

Samoan 'Conversational' everyday language topics:

These videos / audio's / ebooks give you an opportunity to learn words, numbers, sentences and phrases you can use everyday whether you are at home, school, work or in the community.

Sounding the Samoan alphabet

Terms for family relationships

Days & dates

Numbers & words

How to tell the time in Samoan

Parts of the body

Classroom or home language

Simple greetings

Childrens prayer before meals

Phrases/words used for meals

Common questions

Asking about the village

Phrases you can use at church or when praying at home

Polite conversation

Prayer before meals (adults)

Monthly Bonus:

Subscribers will have access to ALL 30 topics once you subscribe. We will also upload 3 new topics / videos every month to help you with your journey learning more about our beautiful language and culture.

Subscribers will also have access to our monthly online webiners with our tutors who will cover current and new topics on our website / app.

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