About 101 Movement

101 Movement (formerly Aganu'u Fa'asamoa 101) is a Sāmoan cultural identity programme, specifically designed for Sāmoans born/raised outside of Sāmoa

Demand Grows

The 101 Movement program was first delivered in New Zealand and has since on demand been delivered to Australia, Samoa, United States, Hawai’i and is now making its way to the United Kingdom. The program has over 22,000+ followers on Facebook and this is about to grow even more, as we now extend accessibility of 101 Movement by providing online video tutorials, webinars, podcasts and more. 

Tanoa’I has now taught over 4000 students the past 6 years both face to face and online.

Programme Objective

The 101 Movement Online package will give students an opportunity to learn everyday conversational gagana (language) and also more advanced speeches that cater for both service and leadership roles in families, churches and communities. Subscribed members will have access to monthly ‘LIVE’ webinars with Tanoa’I and guest orators who will cover topics for each month. There are 30 topics available now however 3 new topics will be added to the platform every month.

101 Movement Programme Purpose

A Samoan Cultural Leadership Programme that focuses on respectful engagement practices with Samoan people whether it’s on a one to one basis or with groups of people. This programme is suitable for both fluent and  people who have no or a little knowledge of the Samoan culture and language and who want to feel more comfortable when engaging with Samoan people in formal and informal situations. 

For our students, this programme will enable them to engage more effectively with Samoan families and stakeholders when speaking at different engagements. 

95% of this programme is taught in English so our students understand the beauty and richness of our Samoan culture.

What Our Students Have to Say

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